What to Consider When Buying a Laminator

by Carlos Smith

One of the best decisions to make for your office to get a good laminator that’s capable of performing many tasks. They also help your certificates and other important documents to last longer. In case you want to buy a plastifieuse¬†for your office, then you must understand a few things about getting an ideal one.

In this article, you shall find out the top things to know when purchasing a new laminator!

Laminator – top factors to consider when buying one

The following are the top things you may want to look out for when buying a new laminator for your office.

1. Your Budget

Ordinarily, your budget shouldn’t stop you from getting the right kind of laminator you need for your home. But then, it still has a role in helping you make the right decision. Consulting the customer care rep of the brand or company you hope to buy from would be most helpful; as they usually will work to deliver the right product to suit your pocket.

2. The Materials you Mostly Work With

Part of the first thing you should consider thing about is the kind of materials you always laminate. If you work with materials that are sensitive to temperature, you may want to go for a cold laminator instead. But if it concerns laminating pictures, going for a laminator with four or more rollers would work. This is because they tend to produce more professional photos.

3. Film Thickness

The thickness of the film matters in a laminator. It’s your job to decide on the perfect film size that you would love to use. Usually, laminating films are measures in one-thousandth of an inch (mils). If the thickness of the mils is larger, then it means the roll or pouch will be thicker. Other sizes that laminating films can come in include in no particular order: 1.5, 5, 3, 7, with 5 as the most commonly used size.

4. Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Your laminated documents can either be used for outdoor or indoor purposes. If you will be laminating outdoor, then you must make use of UV laminating film. This film helps to separate the UV rays that can be damaging and make the color prints in the document fade. But if you are using it indoors, then the standard film would be just fine!

5. Who Will Handle It?

Laminators can be used by both children and adults alike. Nevertheless, if a child is the one to use a laminator you’re buying, then you should fit s pouch laminator. This is because it’s the safest that would work perfectly under supervision. An adult can use any type of laminator.

6. Which is Best For Mounting Pictures?

In a case where you have to mount photos, maps, or posters to a foam core board, the toll laminator should be great! This is because of its capacity to specify its thickness limit.


Laminators are great additions to your office or business place. This guide should help you make great buying decisions!

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