Does the HMS Core Live Up to the Hype It Gets?

by Carlos Smith

Android is arguably the well-known operating system with Google Play Services being at its core. Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) core is a component running between mobile applications and the operating system.

HMS core is the solution that the company found to replace Google Play Store that was lost as a result of the Trump ban. The huawei hms has over 20 capabilities, whereby every one of them has several functional interfaces.

Therefore, the developers are able to choose the correct interface in regard to the requirements and then integrate SDKs to the app code in completing the development of functional requirements.

Here are some of the functions that you can use HMS core in developing for apps;

Lower Costs and Quicker App Development

The Huawei account kit helps the user to sing in without the usual manual login or even verification. With quick user authorization, a user can access information very easily and quickly. The SMS verification means that the app can access the code directly from the SMS message.

Huawei game service allows one to have success in several development capabilities, which helps efficient game development.

With the drive kit’s help, the user file management helps a user upload, synchronize, and download files. App data management also supports app storage of data and restoration.

The location kit helps to provide precise user locations with the help of fused location such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and base stations. Also, geofencing helps to set up geographical boundaries virtually like detecting events, including when the device exists, enters, or lingers.

Settings management offers a user with edit, enter, as well as query functions to make the use of the app straightforward.

All-round Privacy Protection

System Integrity helps in monitoring the app’s running environment. The URL check is the one that determines the type of the threat, and then the AppsCheck obtains the list of all the malicious apps. Moreover, the UserDetect helps to notify when your app has interacted with an unauthorized user.

There’s also biometric authentication that pre-verifies the system’s integrity and hence helps prevent the authentication result tampering. Moreover, WisePlay DRM offers digital content copyright capabilities that include software-level and hardware-level DRM capabilities.

Smart Apps that Improve User Experience

There’s the capture API that allows the user’s app to request current status like behavior, time, location, or if the headset is connected; all that is included in the awareness kit.

 There’s also the health kit that allows the user to store fitness as well as health data. There are several APIs for positioning, reading speed, blood sugar level, and several others.

You also don’t have to worry about sharing files to the nearby device as local P2P communication facilitates sharing without the internet. The Panorama kit via HMS core Panorama SDK the user can present interactive viewing quickly of 360-degree in simulated 3D space.

Continuous App Growth

The HMS analytics kit provides preset analytics models to help the user gain insight into their products and content. Therefore, a data-driven approach can be taken in marketing the app as well as optimizing the products. The wallet kit is for saving boarding passes, tickets, and loyalty cards.

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