The amazing functions of modern-day Huawei wallet

by Carlos Smith

Huawei Wallet App is designed by developers for android users, which makes it readily available on Play Store for download. You need to check your android’s compatibility for HUAWEI Apps.

Huawei Wallet App was first launched for HUAWEI users, but now the HUAWEI developers have expanded their market worldwide. Huawei Wallet is a new lifestyle that is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world. Let us check how it can change your lifestyle.

Use HUAWEI Location Search For Convenience:

Huawei Location services provide numerous benefits like advanced location search functions such as auto-completing keywords. It also enables the interaction between apps and updates them when required. It facilitates users via location-based notifications and real-time status updates. For example, if you save your boarding pass in Huawei Wallet, it will send you all the necessary details and latest updates about your flight.

Wallet Kit Application Scenarios:

The wallet kit has three major application scenarios:


The wallet kit supports both online and offline payments. Even if your phone screen is locked, it enables you to use the wallet’s payment screen. You can make in-store payments conveniently by just placing your fingerprint.

The only obligation is the receiver must also have a Huawei Wallet App in order to receive the transferred amount.

Passes / Coupons:

Wallet kit allows users to save coupons, loyalty cards, and gift cards to HUAWEI Wallet. They will be able to receive information such as brand marketing activities, membership interests and changes of membership points in a timely manner

Boarding passes:

After adding boarding passes to HUAWEI, users will be able to keep track of flight status and other important flight information.

Event Tickets:

By saving event tickets in HUAWEI, wallet users can control check-in quickly. This helps improves service experience and simplify event management for the organizers. This also saves you the trouble of losing or misplacing the tickets.

Other passes:

Users can also save driver’s licenses, social security cards and passports to HUAWEI wallet

Promote Your Business through Huawei Wallet Kit:

Wallet kit is ideal as a precision marketing tool. The HUAWEI Wallet serves as the traffic entry point and helps in boosting related businesses. It allows using user profiles and locations to get the precise pushing of promotion information to users. In this way, you can target the audience for your products and services.

Go Cash Free Use Huawei Pay:

Huawei Pay is a safe and convenient method for all your money transactions. You can save your bank cards to Huawei Wallet and use them when required. Huawei’s own digital payment service enables you to manage your finances virtually. This feature makes you relax, and you can enjoy your shopping, traveling, and restaurant visits. No tension of theft or loss of cash and bank cards. Save all your bank cards in your Huawei wallet, and you just need a tap to manage all your payments.

Huawei Wallet is the new digital virtual wallet that will transform your lifestyle into a hassle-free, more organized lifestyle. No more papers are required to keep safe. Huawei has also many other features that worth trying, for example, site kit service.

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