Importance of Responsive and Camera kit in a mobile app

by Carlos Smith

If your app is highly responsive, it will raise the stakes for great user experience. If the app is too heavy to load or if it is too slow, it is unlikely that people will love to use it. If you have crammed the screen of the app, no one is going to use it. Mobile users are always in so much rush that if the app screen doesn’t look well then no one is going to use it. If the app has a camera but it takes extra time to capture photos, users will not like it. Therefore, you can speed up the process of picture taking by using a camera kit by Huawei. The camera kit can be integrated into your mobile app and you will have the same camera features that a Huawei smartphone has.


Speed is one of the most important features of a mobile app. It is as important as the design and presentation of the app are. The rule is that you have to save the time of your user. If you cannot do it fast enough, you must not do it or you will be trampled upon by your competitors. Even if you can do nothing about the speed and it is bound to stay slow, you should mention the progress rate and the completion time on the progress bar so that users are not frustrated.

Mobile experiences seem more like art than science. You must understand the people who are using your app. Designing is important for the desktop and web where users sit down by leaving everything aside. Mobile is a different gadget. No one uses it by allocating all the time he has to the activity. Everyone pairs up mobile use with some other tasks like talking, eating, and listening. Make it fast. Even if you have to keep the speed factor above the design and presentation, do that. You will get positive results.

Customer is the king

The customer is the king in the world of mobile apps. You cannot steal your eyes from what the customers need. On top of that, the competition is getting fierce day by day. Customers have a big number of choices in almost every field. This has given them more power to choose the right device and to ensure that the mobile journey is going to be diverse and is likely to include different kinds of channels.

They use a diverse number of devices as the technology is going to modernize. They are upgrading their phones, laptops, and tablets. The key to customer satisfaction is persistence, quality, and consistency. Guide user experience through simple steps.

Apart from all things if your app camera is deprived of advanced features, customers are not going to like that. If you can develop it yourself, it is the best approach to consider but if you cannot, you can always outsource it from the best in the market. This is easy because outsourcing allows you to focus more on the innovative aspects of your app.

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