Top Steps for Moving SMS From Android to Android

by Carlos Smith

Whenever you move from an Android mobile phone to another, you could be focusing on transferring your photos, videos, and contacts, among other things. Most of the time, messages transfer between two phones if often forgotten, which may backfire in the end when vital data is lost. Note, from fb chats, Whatsapp chats to SMS, all might carry essential details at times. For that reason, you should ensure that you migrate them too. In this guide, you are going to learn how text messages can get transferred from Android to Android. Take a look at this review of Backuptrans Android Text Messages Transfer. 

Why the transfer

When you get a new Android device, you could face the same problem and move texts from an existing mobile device. As you may know, text messages are often used for personal, family, and social purposes. Similarly, governmental and non-governmental organizations utilize text messaging to facilitate communication between colleagues.

It is, therefore, necessary to keep critical information to the new phone when switching devices. That is where backup trans-Android for SMS comes in. The software is ideal for restoring text messages from one Android to another. You do not need Google Drive for that. If you would like to transfer SMS, simply refer to the SMS transfer icon.

Method 1

Install the transfer software on your PC. Run it

Run the backup trans android device and then connect the phones to your PC. Use a USB cable to achieve this. The software should find devices connected to the list of devices.

If it fails to find the Android connected, ensure that the USB’s debugging slot is active.

It is critical to note that some Android devices need a USB driver installed on your Windows to connect to a personal computer.

You can also connect your smartphone to the WIFI before you start.

  • Click the device list.
  • Turn to your toolbar and then press the ‘transfer android texts to another android’ icon.
  • Go to file
  • Click on transfer android SMS to another android.

Method 2

  • Choose a target mobile device to continue.
  • Click confirm
  • Backup SMS messages from your Android

Backing up SMS from old mobile devices

Step 1

  • Begin by running backup trans SMS transferon your computer and then connect your phone to the PC using a USB.
  • Click the icon with backup messages on its software to push the notifications to the local database.
  • If the software fails to find a connected Android, ensure that the device comes with debugging software for your USB
  • You should note that some mobile devices need a USB driver software installed on Windows to properly connect the PC.

Step 2

  • Transfer messages from your local database
  • Connect the new phone to backup trans using a USB cable
  • You can also use WIFI.
  • Once your phone is detected, you can right-click the backup file in the local database slot.
  • Select transfer messages from database to Android

Final Thoughts

Easy and fast! With the backup trans SMS transfer, you can move all your SMS from one Android to another in a few steps! Note that the backuptran is an easy software interface, so do not fear paying a tech-savvy, you can do it at home.

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